John Timberlake Exhibition April 2024

John Timberlake – Beyond the wall lies the Ocean 6 April 2024 – 31 May 2024 Shifts in time and location, the fabled immeasurability of the ocean and the infinite possibilities of other worlds are recurrent themes in this new body of paintings by English artist John Timberlake (b.1967). This stunning collection of paintings create sensations […]

,It never ends‘ at Sabine Wachters Fine arts

Working with her has led me to feel that Sabine Wachters is a rare art gallery conductor who follows her impeccable instinct rather than calculation. Her way is a perfect answer to the current unfortunate bureaucratization of creativity in the artworld and corresponds to the feelings and thought of the most advanced artists. In this […]

Group exhibition July 2023

Group Exhibition JULY 2023 Bill Woodrow Artic Dreams Tatyana Yassievich Trinity Cathedral St.Petersburg Pablo Smidt Stray Dog Pablo Smidt Untitled WANT TO SEE MORE AND VISIT? JULY 2023KNOKKE – BELGIUM VISIT GALLERY

David Powell Lost in Music

David Powell – Lost in Music NOVEMBER 2022 – JANUARY 2023 The exhibition “Lost in Music” at Sabine Wachters Fine Arts, Knokke, Belgium,brings together a selection of works made between 2018 and 2022 about the British,European and American alternative music scenes from the mid 1970’s to the present day. Many of these bands were given a platform […]

Pablo Smidt Memories New Sculptures June August

Pablo Smidt Memories New Sculptures JUNE 2022 – AUGUST 2022 Blue and White Book of Bees2021Polyester resin, metal89 x 65 x 30 cm (x2)Private collection Belgium Red and White aluminium roll2021Polyester resin, acrylic , metal60 x 47 x 21 cm ( x 2)Private collection Belgium Pink and White Cupcakes2021Polyester resin, metal65 x 65 x 15 […]

Bill Woodrow & Richard Deacon – Shared Drawings 2021/2022

BILL WOODROW & RICHARD DEACON Shared Drawings DECEMBER 2021 – JUNE 2022 Quand  Bill Woodrow  et Richard Deacon, deux figures de proue de la « Nouvelle Sculpture Anglaise », évoquent le travail en commun qu’ils ont réalisé en 2019-2020, ils ne se lancent pas dans de grandes théories. Au contraire, ce qu’ils racontent est éminemment […]

Powell David

David Powell Wales b. 1969 “Desire plays an enormous role in my work, it reaches its zenith in the studio, the purest site of creation. There I can let go and emotionally reconnect with those experiences that shaped my identity. Art is a kind of time travel, a perpetual state of collective identification and joy.” […]

Tatyana Yassievich

Tatyana Yassievich Russian b.1968 I’m a painter with a strong documentary orientation. I take subjects from real life, then re-work them into paintings. Many of my works tell about Russia, my native country. In these works, I emphasis on features which tell the story of that specific period. Tatyana Yassievich was born in St. Petersburg […]

Lucio Pozzi

Lucio Pozzi American b.1935 ”Art, to me, is nothing but a testimony of a flow where order and disorder are interchangeable and where the darkness of inspiration and desire fulfill unknown purposes within the appearance of space and time” Lucio Pozzi, b. 1935 in Milano, Italy, is a New York artist known for avoiding predictable […]

Timberlake John

John Timberlake b. Lancashire, 1967 John Timberlake is a London based artist whose combinations of drawing, painting and photography reflect a longstanding engagement with landscape and history. The work of John Timberlake deals with concepts of landscape. Drawing on the Romantic tradition and the English Picturesque, in Timberlake’s work, landscape is inevitably the site of […]