Powell David

David Powell Wales b. 1969 “Desire plays an enormous role in my work, it reaches its zenith in the studio, the purest site of creation. There I can let go and emotionally reconnect with those experiences that shaped my identity. Art is a kind of time travel, a perpetual state of collective identification and joy.” […]

Tatyana Yassievich

Tatyana Yassievich Russian b.1968 I’m a painter with a strong documentary orientation. I take subjects from real life, then re-work them into paintings. Many of my works tell about Russia, my native country. In these works, I emphasis on features which tell the story of that specific period. Tatyana Yassievich was born in St. Petersburg […]

Lucio Pozzi

Lucio Pozzi American b.1935 ”Art, to me, is nothing but a testimony of a flow where order and disorder are interchangeable and where the darkness of inspiration and desire fulfill unknown purposes within the appearance of space and time” Lucio Pozzi, b. 1935 in Milano, Italy, is a New York artist known for avoiding predictable […]

Timberlake John

John Timberlake b. Lancashire, 1967 John Timberlake is a London based artist whose combinations of drawing, painting and photography reflect a longstanding engagement with landscape and history. The work of John Timberlake deals with concepts of landscape. Drawing on the Romantic tradition and the English Picturesque, in Timberlake’s work, landscape is inevitably the site of […]

Woodrow Bill

Bill Woodrow British b. 1948 “Making art is a way of keeping a diary of my lifelong relationship with planet earth” Over the course of his five decade-­long career, Bill Woodrow has established himself as one of the most important British sculptors of his generation. Coming to international prominence in the early 1980’s as part […]