David Powell Lost in Music

David Powell – Lost in Music NOVEMBER 2022 – JANUARY 2023 The exhibition “Lost in Music” at Sabine Wachters Fine Arts, Knokke, Belgium,brings together a selection of works made between 2018 and 2022 about the British,European and American alternative music scenes from the mid 1970’s to the present day. Many of these bands were given a platform […]

Pablo Smidt Memories New Sculptures June August

Pablo Smidt Memories New Sculptures JUNE 2022 – AUGUST 2022 Blue and White Book of Bees2021Polyester resin, metal89 x 65 x 30 cm (x2)Private collection Belgium Red and White aluminium roll2021Polyester resin, acrylic , metal60 x 47 x 21 cm ( x 2)Private collection Belgium Pink and White Cupcakes2021Polyester resin, metal65 x 65 x 15 […]

Bill Woodrow & Richard Deacon – Shared Drawings 2021/2022

BILL WOODROW & RICHARD DEACON Shared Drawings DECEMBER 2021 – JUNE 2022 Quand  Bill Woodrow  et Richard Deacon, deux figures de proue de la « Nouvelle Sculpture Anglaise », évoquent le travail en commun qu’ils ont réalisé en 2019-2020, ils ne se lancent pas dans de grandes théories. Au contraire, ce qu’ils racontent est éminemment […]