John Timberlake - Beyond the wall lies the Ocean

6 April 2024 – 31 May 2024

Shifts in time and location, the fabled immeasurability of the ocean and the infinite possibilities of other worlds are recurrent themes in this new body of paintings by English artist John Timberlake (b.1967).
This stunning collection of paintings create sensations of serenity, beauty and wistfulness, as if the viewer is perhaps the first person to step foot in a place, or is re-visiting a once familiar location many years in the future. 
Drawing both on contemporary inspiration and traditions of landscape and seascape, Timberlake’s paintings have a thought-provoking, contemplative character. In the liminal space of the coastline, surfacing from the depths of the sea itself or in landscapes in transition between the past and the future, we are confronted with evocations of dislocation, timelessness and sublimity, wherein the familiar is rendered extraordinary.
Through colour, composition and perspective, John Timberlake opens out exhilarating spaces in his works that are both emancipatory and intriguing.


APRIL 2024
Opening in presence of the artist
Saturday 6 april 2024
6 till 9 pm

Exhibition 6 April – 31 May